It’s made from sturdy aluminum and coated with non-stick ceramic that’s free of chemicals, according to its website. The pan feels incredibly durable, similar to the standard cast iron that can withstand years of use and wear (but only time can tell here — Our Place has only been around since 2019). The Always Pan also claims to ace the non-stick category, advising users to rely on just a tablespoon or two of fats with high smoke points (think olive, coconut, peanut, and avocado oils), and here it delivers. Cheesy scrambled eggs, fried fish, and mashed potatoes all cooked evenly with close to zero residues sticking to the pan’s surface. Impressive! The most exciting thing during this process is using the steamer basket to strain out the pasta water; the stainless-steel basket isn’t huge, but it manages to fit a whole box of manicotti, only spilling a few outliers in the sink. This steam basket, by the way, does its intended job of steaming too. But the space between the basket and the pan’s surface is kind of puny, and it could be insufficient when you’re steaming something you want to keep water from messing with.